ARCYS takes part in all the embedded nuclear reactors, the nuclear power plants, French research reactors and in numerous nuclear sites abroad. Instrumentation is mainly used to monitor the reactor coolant system and resists harsh environment conditions (design engineering with ESPN, RCC-E, RCC-M, QN100).

An integrated instrumentation

Our expertise and experience in different types of reactors allow us to develop measuring instruments (level, temperature, radiation, physical & chemical…) fully adapted to the characteristics of nuclear facilities.

Robust instrumentation and a quality maintenance service ensure the reliability of your installation in the long term.

Focus on

The level sensors in the Civil Nuclear

ARCYS has developed a range of analogue, maintenance-free, magneto-resistive level sensors. This solution offers an excellent long-term stability and withstands earthquakes and radiation. It is qualified up to the K1 level according to RCCE (post accident performance). This ARCYS solution currently equips the PWR of Flamanville and Taishan with more than 500 sensors delivered.
Moreover, Arcy develops a new series of sensors based on the LIDAR technology, laser optics. These split products, with passive optical head, fibre-optic link and remote analogue electronics, will be qualified in 2018 according to RCCE.

ARCYS applies open innovation

In addition to our own developments in physical chemistry and radioprotection, we combine our technical skills and knowledge of restrictive normative references with those used by our partners to develop and qualify new products.