Once the electronic, mechanical and hydraulic sub-assemblies have been manufactured internally or subcontracted, they are assembled in our workshops. The completed equipment is then powered up and subjected to functional and environmental stress testing.

ARCYS guarantees a compliant product thanks to :

  • its control of the integrated supply chain
  • its integration capabilities
  • its test capabilities (functional, climatic, , EMC…)
Focus on

The dielectric and insulation tests

ARCYS systematically provides on each integrated equipment a rigorous series of tests, with an optimal test coverage in order to guarantee its clients a reliable and durable equipment.

ARCYS controls the quality of the equipment galvanic insulations, creep distances and insulation distances, by systematically performing an automated measurement of the insulation resistance and checking the dielectric strength stability These measures allow to ensure the correct functioning of the equipment and its safe installation, in an operational environment.

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