MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations)

ARCYS makes its products and your equipment to last in the long term.

To maintain in operational conditions your equipment

  • We maintain both the production and test tools in operating conditions.
  • We ensure sustainable skills.
  • We can provide you with our tools.
Focus on

The electronic maintenance of Nuclear-Powered submarines

Once every 9 years, during the “Arrêts techniques Majeurs” (Major Maintenance Checks), ARCYS rehabilitates the control equipment of the embedded reactors on the French Navy ships (nuclear attack submarines) (SNA), nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines (SNLE), aircraft carriers).
Objectives : Ensure that the equipment is operational for the next 9 years.

Focus on

The maintenance in the Civil Nuclear

ARCYS maintains all the physical & chemical instrumentation that provides the equipment of the entire French electro-nuclear power plants. ARCYS has also developed export activities with partners in China, for instance.

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