ARCYS, on the basis of technical requirements, creates analogue and/or digital safety electronic equipment (FGPA, SOC, micro-controller), intended for applications in extremely rigorous environments and mainly characterised by their high level of Operating Safety, their reliability and durability. ARCYS can also assist you in the specification and definition phase of your solutions.

A chain of human skills and tools for safe and reliable solutions.

In addition to providing a complete industrial set-up (Ovens, EMC test means, automatic test benches…), ARCYS is equipped with top performing computer-aided design tools (Simulation, modelling, calculation, CAD…).

The design stage implements all our skills :

  • Requirements and related traceability management until the equipment qualification
  • Operating Safety studies (Defence Reference table/ Civil Nuclear / Railway Transport)
  • Verification and Validation activities by a dedicated department
  • EMC, Mechanical, Thermal and radiation qualifications
  • Development of automatic test means for studies, manufacturing and maintenance
  • Complete life cycle management of the equipment from design to industrialisation not to mention its maintenance
  • Small and medium run supply chain

Expertise and creativity are our teams’ key words. They offer you their skills to build high quality equipment and guarantee their full traceability.

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